Completech Inc, California provides innovative, portable and secure mobile application development services. We understand the increasing popularity of mobile phones, PDAs, Blackberry, iPhones and smart phones, and the resultant demand for quality mobile application software development services. Our software engineers utilize and deploy Dot Net, C/C++, J2EE and other latest technologies to custom develop new and secure mobile applications for mobile platforms like J2ME, Symbian, Brew, iPhone, Blackberry, Palm and Windows Mobile. 

Completech Inc, California specializes in developing future applications for mobile and wireless devices. Businesses and industry verticals can avail our broad-spectrum mobile application development services - Wireless Internet Security, Video & Picture Sharing, Interoperability and Instant Messaging Service, Gaming, Integrated Billing Solutions, Location based services and GPS mapping solutions, Enterprise Connectivity Solutions, and Content Management.

Completech Inc, California helps customers on site and promotes seemless integration of mobile applications software with their internal process. Our customers are predominantly from Telecommunications (Mobile Operators, Handset Manufacturers), Financial Services (Commercial and Investment Banking), Media (Broadcasting, Advertising) and other business/service providers.  Our offer of mobile application development comes with benefits galore. We have helped mobile and wireless players achieve minimal time-to-market with unmatched cost advantage.

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